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The Events Teams

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   The Lingfield Art Exhibition Event Teams
     The Lingfield Art Exhibition is run completely by volunteers. The Exhibition Team almost all of whom are artists, are shown below and they are supported by a number of additional volunteers. The overall management of the event is collectively organised within the team. The Lingfield Art Association is responsible for the financial menagement of the events.
The Exhibition   Teams        

Team Heather



Linda Hughes


Bryan Robinson

Heather Francis
is a long-term resident of Lingfield and returned to painting after years of neglect.  She leans towards water colours, with the occasional foray into acrylics and oils.  She has exhibited and belongs to two local art groups.
Linda Hughes
studied at Amersham College of Art and the London College of Fashion and has been a keen artist her whole life.  Working in a number of mediums including oils,  watercolour, charcoal and etching she is now experimenting with lino cutting. She has been part of a number of local art exhibitions including the South East Open Art Studios.

Bryan Robinson 

was a university lecturer who took up sculpture on retirement. He works mainly in clay, some items have been fired but produces works as castings in resin metal or stone. He has also carved in soap stone, wood and metal. Bryan chairs our meetings.




  Andrea   Ken Farmer

Irene Hinton

is a self taught artist in East Grinstead. She experiments in acrylics, inks watercolour and pastel. She exhibits locally with two art societies and is a long term member of a Surrey art group and also enjoys photography.



Andrea Fawcett Philippart

was has helped with the hanging of paintings for the exhibition for several years and now leads the hanging team. She lives locally and designs gardens, creating spaces for people to enjoy.


 Ken Farmer

is a self taught artist working mainly in oils.  After service in the Royal Air Force and the electronics industry he is now retired and able to commit more time to his art.  In particular he enjoys interpreting aviation, marine and railway subjects.


Keith Pratt

is a painter and sculptor who has exhibited locally and had been responsible for running the Lingfield Art Exhibitions and LA Ltd for over ten years. He also exhibits locally with another art group. He is a Freeman of the City of London and now retired lives in East Grinstead.



Event Support            
Hanging Team    Handing In Team   Handing Back Team    Stewarding
Andrea Fawcett Philippart, Keith Pratt, Christine Skeets, Mike & Linda Lambert, Jacquie Wadsworth.  

Irene Hinton, Ken Farmer, Heather Francis, Linda Hughes + Stewards

Artists Cards: John Morris

  Purchasers: Heather Francis and Linda Hughes, Hand Back I/c Irene Hinton, Hand Back Desks: Bryan Robinson, Andrea Fawcett Philippart, Ken Farmer Sculpture: Jacquie Wadsworth + Stewards    All of the stewarding for the events is provided by local artists. 
Private View Team   Exhibition Week   Take Down Team   Administration
Sales Desk: Bryan Robinson, Ken Farmer, Card Sales: Irene Hinton, Catalogue Sales: Linda Hughes, Andrea Fawcett Philippart, Bar: Anne & Rob Wendes Photography: Irene Hinton, Security: Keith Pratt  

The Team Members take it in turns to manage the event on a day by day basis.

  Ken Farmer, Keith Pratt, Heather Francis, Linda Hughes, Irene Hinton, Bryan Robinson, Andrea Fawcett Philippart, Linda & Mike Lambert & Jacquie Wadsworth  

The provision of all application and entries is managed by Ken Farmer.

Keith Pratt manages the website, finances and documentation

Updated 21.11.18