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Managing and Organising Art Exhibitions

Welcome to the website of the Lingfield Art Association. Our team of volunteers manage and organise our premier annual event The Lingfield Art Exhibition which has become one of the largest art exhibitions in Surrey. These events have been running in the village of Lingfield since 1977 and in the past 40 years the exhibition has developed and grown. This event now take place in the Autumn for seven days. 

2017 was our 40th Year and brief history of the exhibition may be read by CLICKING HERE.


Over the past years many people have been involved with the event, including Jill Browning, Tim Coulson, Sandra Sylvester, Glennis Jones, then laterly Shielah Gray and Audrey Gill. We have also been fortunate to have had working with us Anne Kerr, Chris West, Avril Sharp, John Morris, Colin Perrin, John Rees Davies, Dennis Blow, Tracy Bell, Andy Shattock and Annabel Richardson. The Exhibition Team are all volunteers and their names are shown on the Events Team page. We really appreciate their support and contribution for without it the events would not take place.

Lingfield Art does not have any affiliations with art groups,  nor does it favour any charity, organisation or sector.

This open exhibition therefore provides both the opportunity and an ideal location, for a considerable number of individual artists who are based on the boundaries of Surrey, Sussex and Kent, to showcase their original works in a relaxed community setting. Whilst the main focus to date has been paintings, sculpture and ceramics, Lingfield Art has expanded the exhibition to include chinese brush paintings and paintings on silk. We only accept limited edition hand made prints. We do not accept mechanically or electronically generated work.

Lingfield Art Association is a not-for-profit community organisation run by volunteers and it is sponsored from time to time by local businesses.

These are a selection of pictures from the 2017 Exhibition.

To email us click Contact Lingfield Art 

Please Note: In recording these events we reserve the right to take photographs. We seek permissions where appropriate and otherwise assume that people who are photographed agree to the publication of the picture unless they notify us to the contrary.

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